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The Weird People Watch

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Friday, May 9th, 2008
3:12 pm

I ha d the weirdest dream last night (although I'm used to having weird dreams but this dream was WEIRD!!). I went back to my old school and I met soem of my friends, I know we were having a great time. Then, from my school's office block, there was a water slide connecting to the opposite end of the school. We went on it and we were having fun then suddenly, I realised we were lost and stranded (yes, in school). Suddenly, this chinese celebrity appeared (I don't really watch his shows). Then, everyone was hungry and made me cook dinner for them. I fried (there happened to be a deep-fryer and ingredients lying around). I fried long beans, some fish and little tiny humans who were about 3 inches tall. I had to be very careful frying the humans so that I don't fry all the flesh away. We ate the fish, humans then the long beans and I woke up with a puddle of drool next to my head. XD

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
6:56 pm - Hey everyone!

Hey! I, too am new and I feel kinda happy for being able to talk to fellow weirdos. :)
I promise that I will try to be as active as possible :)

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Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
3:35 am - Big Hair Lady

Some friends and I were on holiday in America fairly recently, and during our stay our travels took us to the bus terminal in Boston. Wandering around at 5AM with little to do, we were astounded to see a woman of indeterminate age wandering aimlessly around with perhaps the most impressive coiffure I have ever witnessed.

We marvelled and took discreet pictures from a distance, but having just travelled from New York we were too tired and wary of the weird to do anything more (although she did converse in the toilet with one of my friends about a stolen toothbrush).

However, four days later we were once more at the Boston bus terminal, this time headed in the opposite direction. And Big Hair Lady (as such we christened her) was still there. Wandering around the bus terminal, going up and down in lifts and similar such activities. Seeing her still there after four days was too much, and so a friend simply went up to ask if we might take her picture.

Big Hair Lady REVEALED!Collapse )

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